How Do I Start?

There are so many ways I could start this blog—this journey.

I could start it in English; 

I could start it in French.

I could start with my full name.

Yes! That would be a cinch.

I could start it with good bye

Just to mess with your mind.

I could tell you a big lie

So the truth you won’t find.

I could start with photographs,

Or with a clever phrase—

With a post about giraffes,

Or how the heifers graze.

Yes I could do all of this,

But it seems a fellow

Should not start off all amiss.

So I’ll start with: Hello!

My name is Adam Muly!  I am a full time student and self-proclaimed word nerd.  To find out more about me, visit my about page.

I am starting this blog for fun!  My posts will be real.  They will be rooted in scripture, and I may try to crack a joke every once in a while!  

I want this to be a place where you feel comfortable because I am open and honest about myself.  

I pray that you will learn something new here about God or the Bible.  I know I am not perfect, but I hope you will be encouraged as I try to balance my love for words and my love for His Word.  Most of all, I hope you enjoy what you read here!

What will this blog be about?

  • God—I love God and His word very much.  Naturally, most of my posts will at least mention God or be related to Him. 
  • The Bible—I believe that everything in the Bible is true and useful to everyone.  Although it is one of the oldest books of all time, it still applies to our daily lives.  This being a blog about words, it only seems right to cover, in my opinion, the best collection of words the world has ever and will ever know.
  • Books—Since books are my favorite way to enjoy words, they will definitely be incorporated into my posts.  Whether it is telling you about a book I love or warning you about a book I hate, my inner bibliophile will show its face.
  • Authors—Probably no one is more familiar with words than an author.  That is why I love them and long to call myself a published one.  My favorites are the old writers of fiction, but some non-fiction and new fiction is very good as well.
  • Writing—Even though I am currently working on my first novel, I do not claim to be an expert writer.  However, I thoroughly enjoy writing.  Fiction, non-fiction, poetry—it is all a blast to write, and I like to think that I am decent doing so.

This blog is for you!

So whether you are an avid reader, a novice writer, a lover of words, or just someone looking for truth and hope—I think you will find something here that will interest you.  I look forward to the journey ahead of us!