Let me just start with a bold statement: I hate denominations.

Now before you take defense of your own beloved section of the Christian faith, hear me out.

Some of you reading this may not fully understand what the idea of denomination is. Basically, a denomination is a group of people who have a set of beliefs. Those groups whose beliefs include a belief in Jesus as the savior of the world are under the bigger umbrella known simply as Christianity.

Many denominations and sects have formed over the years as people have disagreed on various topics. These disagreements have led to churches being separated, relationships being severed, and people being hurt.

Pain and sorrow often result from these divisions.

This brings me back to my original statement: 

I hate denominations.

I hate them not because I have anything against the people involved in them or even some of the beliefs they profess. I hate them because of the ill effects they can have.

What starts out as a small disagreement turns friends into enemies and brothers and sisters into opposing forces.  
The problem is that people can’t just agree to disagree. Everyone believes they are right and anyone who opposes them is wrong.  

Then, the people who were once united because of their beliefs are now divided because of them. When if they would just look back to what brought them together in the first place, they would be reminded that they are still united in that.

After all, the most important belief is the belief in Jesus Christ, so why do we let the tiny insignificant ones divide us?

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:10, 

“I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.”
So let’s think for a moment that none of the things I have just said are true. Let’s think about if the church was unified.

If the church was unified,

Then the Lord would be our guide,

Not the impulses of fleshly sins.

There would be no denomination;

There would simply be Christians 

Throughout each nation.
If the church was really unified, 

Religion would have already died.

We’d forget about the little things

That seem to bring up the most conflict,

And focus on what good news brings;

We’d stand with the healthy to reach the sick.
If the church was truly unified,

Christians would’ve deleted the word pride.

They wouldn’t care what others think;

They would only care about man’s eternal state .

Yes, then we’d truly be on the brink 

Of something unimaginably great!
If the church was completely unified,

There would be change of a different kind.

Hunger would finally be ended;

God’s light would be shined to all men;

The persecuted would be defended;

And the lonely would ultimately have a friend.
Unity is not just a word in the church;

It is a state of connecting all the Christians, one by one—

Without judgement, politics, or dogma—

By the common factor of believing in God’s son.

With true unity in the church, 

There is no Methodist, baptist, Pentecostal, or AG,

No Lutheran, episcopalian, Calvanist, or Nazarene.

No matter your face,

No matter your race,

No matter your backround, 

Or your former case,

You’re invited to the banquet;

You’re invited to the feast.

God’s set your place;

He’s saved you a seat.
For under Christ’s blood we are all just the same

Whether Jew or Gentile, we’re all simply Christians when we believe in his name.
So we Christ-followers should strive for this unity.

All you believers please listen to my plea,

That we would all be united to make a greater impact,

That we would all be united to raise up Jesus’ name,

That we would all be united to reach the ones whose souls lack

A knowledge of the one who’s risen from the grave!


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