Crack your lips;

Reveal a treasure.

Show your teeth 

To give one pleasure.

You know not

What they are feeling,

But you can

Bring them some healing.

Those white stones

Fill one with gladness,

Even one

Who’s filled with sadness.

So show them

When you get the chance.

Make them glad

With a friendly glance.

You never know what someone is going through. You don’t always know the backstory.  

The person who cuts you off going twenty over the speed limit may have just found out that a loved one is in the closing days of a short life.

The cashier who acts put out by your presence and annoyed by your desire to purchase something may be struggling with the relatively new idea that her parents are divorced.

The child who seems like he was raised by wild animals and terrorizes you at the mall may just be hungry for some sort of attention, because his single mom hardly has time to give him any.

A smile is a seed that nestles itself deep into one’s soul. Just like with seeds, the more you plant the more fruit you will see. When a smile-seed is cared for, the fruits of joy and hope are bound to come later.

You may not see the fruit or be able to enjoy it in its maturity, but you can plant it. You can plant it for others to harvest and enjoy.

You never know what one simple grin or a gentle smile could do in someone’s day.  

So smile today. Smile at someone you know or someone you don’t. Just smile.

“Always be joyful.”‭‭

1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5:16‬


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