Good things can be bad

And bad things good.

Sometimes things are bad

If times aren’t good.

A thing can be bad 

Just at some times.

It can still be clad

With good sometimes.

Likewise, a good thing’s

Not good always.

A certain bell rings,

And questions raise.

Marriage is good for

Women and men,

But for small girls or

Boys it’s near sin.

Even death seems good 

To relieve pain,

But not when it could

Be young ones slain.

Good is not always,

Neither is bad.

Even the sad strays

Into the glad.

Goodness and badness are not absolute adjectives for the things of this world. 

Above even good and bad themselves, timing determines the character of a thing. If it is the right time for a certain thing, it may be deemed good. But if it is the wrong time, the same thing may be deemed bad. 

For instance, take a road. It has two lanes, each going in opposite directions. Both are good and bad. 

If you are driving down the road in the right lane, it is good; but if you decide to start driving in the other lane without changing directions, that lane is bad for you. But the same lane you are driving the wrong way on is good for drivers driving the correct way on it.

In addition, if, at a later time, you were returning to your original destination on the same road, the lane that was bad for you at an earlier time would now be good. 

The same thing can be both good and bad at the same time for different people.

Just because something is ‘good’ for that person, does not mean it will be good for you right now as well.

Even humans, at the beginning of time, were deemed ‘good’ by God himself.

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.”

Genesis 1:31

Then, when sin entered the world, human nature became bad. It became an enemy to our relationship with the creator. But through Jesus and his sacrifice, we are able to become good again.

“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.”

James 1:17


I Wished I Weren’t A Twin.​


No thing is like

Having a twin

Who understands

The state you’re in.

A friend who seems

So like yourself

That you’ve questioned

If you’re yourself.

We’re different

In many ways,

But much the same

Most of the days.

Soon we’ll be men,

Dreams abounding,

Whose lives both sing

Though different sounding.


As the eve of my eighteenth birthday comes to a close, I am reminded of my extraordinary situation that I have called ‘normal’ my entire life.

I am a twin.

My brother and I are numbers four and five in our family lineup, and the next sibling up is eight years our senior. While having older, more mature siblings to learn from and come close to has been an amazing experience, it does not quite parallel my relationship with my twin. I am extremely close to my family, but Isaac, my twin, and I have something different.

We have always been on the same level, in the same place, mostly doing the same things.

We do nearly everything together, and I love it!

Now, however awesome being a twin is, some parts of it cause struggles.

Having someone who is nearly identical to you in appearance and sometimes even in thinking can be troublesome at times. I went through seasons feeling like I could never be myself because no matter what I did, I would still be just another model of the guy who shared the womb with me. “You are pretty much the same person.” people would say. They sometimes still do. And I hated to hear that.

“You are pretty much the same person.” people would say. They sometimes still do. And I hated that.

At times I even loathed being a twin. I wished I were a ‘normal’ kid with no sidekick. 

But I have to wonder if I had been a single birth would I have had similar fancies of being a twin?

These feelings of sharing an identity with someone else even lead to fears for my future.

Would a girl ever care about me specifically? Or would she just like ‘the twins’ and not care which one she got as long as she had one of us? After all, we are the same right?

But, in recent years, as I have matured, these thoughts have begun to drift away.

I have realized that I am different. One of the ways I am different is that I have a twin. And, believe it or not, we are different from each other.

Yeah, we look a lot a like. We act alike and talk at the same time, but it is awesome! The pranks are endless and the confusion for others never-ending. 

The look of joy and surprise that inhabits a person’s face when they finally realize we are twins is priceless.

We will always have an ice-breaker. We will always have an interesting fact. And at the end of the day, we will always find our individual identities in Christ.

He loves each of us in our differences and our multitudes of similarities.

Specifically, in the past month, God has shown me in an even deeper way how special my predicament is. He has shown me what a blessing it is to have such a sidekick–someone to talk to about anything, someone who knows what you mean even when you can’t express it in words, someone who knows you, someone who is a friend like no other.

I am a twin, and I am proud of it. I love my twin, and I love my life! 

The first eighteen years on the journey of this duo has been amazing, I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Happy Birthday Isaac! I am so glad God gave me you for a twin!

Haiku Holiday

A man with hammers

Should use them to build something.

If not used, they rust.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

(Ephesians 2:10)